Pinlo United Aluminum Edge Case for the iPhone 4 and 4s

Written by: Jace G.

Today we have a different type of case to review. This case is an aluminum metal bumper. The cut out for the silent on and off switch and volume buttons are one and cut open so that its compatible with either iPhone model 4 and 4s. This bumper case is a lay on the table design on both back and front part of the device. The bumper is a 2 piece case that snaps the front and back together. Now given the title of this case you would asume that the entire thing is aluminum. This is not the case the back of this is aluminum but the front is a plastic. This does add somewhat of a degrading feature but it shouldn’t stop someone from buying it because its still fairly strong. Now not everyone knows but when you have metal touching the metal band around the iphone where the antena is located effects the reception. With this bumper you will notice  a slight rubber strip around it to prevent this. Next being aluminum the bumper adds very very little weight, aluminum is a very light metal. The bumper being aluminum is fairly more tough than most plastic rubber ones. Back to the plastic piece of the bumper, the company realizes that its the weak part of the case. Pinlo includes two of the front pieces, a clear and a silver. They also include little jelly like home button pieces black and white, im not sure why but its a nice little addition tho the package. Lastly the packaging its self is very much like that of the ipod touch with a hard plastic casing almost identical which is above and beyond most companies which is nice knowing it arrives protected. Time for the moment of truth for any product the Prices. which is fairly acceptable.

£19.95 or $31.58 

(click prices to visit purchase page)

compared to apples plasticy rubber bumpers which is less quality £18.91 or $29.95

but definitely worth the few extra bucks for the pinlo aluminum edge case. You can check out some other iPhone 4 covers.


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